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  1. I have had chronic back pain for 5 years. I have tried ice packs, heating pads, cortisone shot, acupuncture, burning my nerve roots procedure, physical therapy, chiropractor, osteopathic therapy, yoga, muscle relaxers, tramadol. I want some relief. My pain doctor said I would benefit from medical marijuana but when the dorm was sent to him so I can get a medical card, he was unwilling to fill it out. Is there any doctors that may help me?

  2. Over 60% of the population voted the mm program in 3 years. Today less than 1% of the population is benefiting from it because of the fine print.

    I qualify too, but no doctor i find participates in the program. ND does not love you. ND does not care we are in pain. ND lawmakers are not in pain so they wont need it and thats all that matters is them. Not the majority of the population.

    If you find a partcipating doctor email me. Mikee10m@yahoo.com

  3. All I want is a physicians that prescribe marijuana in Bismarck. This site just keeps cycling me back to the start. If they don’t have a listing then say so.

  4. It is illegal in the state of ND to provide a list of participating doctors (well played nd power people, just remember the younger generation wipes your ask when your old in the nursing home)

    Here is a list of ND health providers that DO NOT participate in the entire state of ND:

    SCCI Hospitals-Central Dktas ND
    Familiy Health Care ND
    Praire St Johns
    Sanford-all facilities in ND
    Essentia Health ND

    Hope that saves some people some time an money.

    It is up to us to speak on these forums to help the next patients out. We legally can freely speak who….help us, those that have cards or know…


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