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It’s no secret that energy-hungry indoor grows have a heavy environmental cost. In Canada, it is estimated that cannabis cultivation ate up the same amount of energy as 1.7 million homes — and that figure comes from 2017, before the country’s federal legalization of marijuana.

At least one company is taking steps towards addressing the problem. Freedom Cannabis, which is expecting its first crop this December, has installed what representatives describe as one of the largest solar operations in the country, comprised of 4,574 solar modules equipped to produce at best, 1,830 kilowatts, an offset of 1,041 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Freedom has also installed a system to recycle 80 percent of the water employed by the company’s agricultural process.

“It is our responsibility to recognize our industry’s impact on the environment and work to do everything we can to minimize it,” said the company’s co-founder and executive director Troy Dezwart. He added that cannabis is one of the world’s most energy intensive industries, and that by installing the solar panels, Freedom will be saving money.

Saving Energy Comes at a High Cost

But though the vast solar installation certainly makes sense for our planet’s bottom line, its effect

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Sen. Bernie Sanders released a proposal Thursday to legalize marijuana across the country and expunge criminal convictions related to the drug, embracing an overhaul of federal laws on the eve of a presidential forum expected to renew the debate on race, drugs and police violence.

Sanders becomes the latest Democratic White House aspirant to issue a plan for more tolerant drug laws, a shift from past presidential elections when Democrats, like Republicans, often promoted more toughness. Changing attitudes toward drug crimes, and a growing number of states legalizing cannabis, have ushered in a primary where ideas once seen as provocative have become mainstream.

Sanders’s plan, which aims to overhaul an approach he argues has unfairly hurtminorities, calls for using executive power to reclassify marijuana as a dangerous controlled substance and passing legislation to permanently legalize the drug. It would direct federal and state authorities to review, vacate and expunge past marijuana convictions.

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It’s not uncommon for cannabis businesses to end up the target of property crimes. Typically, that takes the form of retail shops being broken into and robbed.

But a cannabis business owner in Denver, Colorado says his company was the target of something much different: arson. The Dab Space Station—a party bus aimed at giving people rides to events so they could safely get high—recently caught fire and burned.

Dab Party Bus Totaled in Fire

Earlier this month, a dab-centric party bus known as the Dab Space Station caught fire during the middle of the night. The blaze completely destroyed the vehicle, which is now totaled and entirely out of commission.

The Dab Space Station was owned and operated by 33 year old Denver resident Ryan Skidmore.

According to a report from The Denver Post, Skidmore used the bus to transport people to parties, concerts, and events in the Denver area.

While riding, passengers could dab and otherwise consume weed. The whole idea was essentially to let people get high and go to events without having to operate a vehicle.

However, the Dab Space Station is now a thing of the past. In the early morning hours of November 4,

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A cannabis company has unveiled what it claims is the largest solar panel array in the Canadian pot business.

Alberta-based Freedom Cannabis has a 1.8-megawatt rooftop set-up made of 4,574 panels at its facility west of Edmonton.

The system was supplied by Alberta-based utilities company Enmax and will offset more than 1,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year, the company said.

“In the regulated cannabis industry we try to mimic Mother Nature by creating as natural an environment indoors as possible,” Troy Dezwart, co-founder of Freedom Cannabis, told CTV News Channel.

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NBA guard Dion Waiters of the Miami Heat has been suspended for using weed gummies after he suffered a panic attack on a flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles. And, according to sources, he’s remaining tight-lipped about the source of his stash, who is reportedly another player from the Heat.

News of the story first broke on Friday, when South Florida Fox Sports Radio host Andy Slater reported that Waiters had experienced a reaction to a cannabis edible that he had taken before the flight.

“Waiters overdosed on ‘gummies,’ sources say, and was passed out when [the] plane landed,” Slater said. “He had a seizure when he was finally woken up, I’m told.”

But on Saturday, ESPN reported that Waiters had actually experienced a panic attack on the chartered flight following Thursday’s game with the Phoenix Suns.

“Waiters missed the game in Phoenix because of a stomachache and was seeking relief when he took an edible he was unfamiliar with,” reported ESPN, citing unnamed sources.

After the team landed in Los Angeles on Thursday night, Waiters was taken to the hospital for treatment. He subsequently missed Friday’s game against the Lakers.

No Snitchin’

Sportswriter Shams Charania tweeted on Sunday that

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According to a new report on SpaceX’s safety review following Elon Musk hitting a blunt on Joe Rogan’s podcast, it may have been the most expensive blunt of all time!

Politico national security reporter Jacqueline Feldscher dug up some contracting records revealing that NASA ended up paying SpaceX $5 Million to conduct the review. While the review was widely publicized a year ago when it was first ordered, this is the first time it’s been reported that taxpayers got the bill for it. 

Boeing, SpaceX’s rivals in NASA’s Commercial Crew Program to outsource trips to the space station so the agency can focus its time on more distant efforts like mars, were also forced to go through a review. Politico reported unlike SpaceX, Boeing did not get additional funds to cover the process. 

The Washington Post reported last fall that the reviews would take months and involve hundreds of interviews that would dive into the workplace culture at SpaceX and Boeing. 

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told the Post the whole point of the reviews was to assure public confidence in the two companies about to make their first test flights. 

“If I see something that’s inappropriate, the key concern to

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At 12:01 p.m. on November 12, Massachusetts’ emergency ban on medical cannabis vaping products expired. But in its place, the state’s Cannabis Control Commission immediately instituted a quarantine of all medical marijuana vaping devices and products, with the exception of devices that vape flower. Officials with the Cannabis Control Commission say the quarantine isn’t as far-reaching as the Department of Public Health ban that a state judge ruled exceeded the agency’s authority. However, the state’s ban on nicotine vape products and recreational cannabis vape products remains in place.

As Ban Expires, Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission Blocks Sale of Medical Cannabis Vapes

Last Tuesday, Massachusetts Superior Court judge Douglas Wilkins blocked Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration from enforcing its emergency ban on medical marijuana vaping products. The authority to regulate medical marijuana, Wilkins ruled, belongs entirely to the state’s Cannabis Control Commission.

Medical marijuana vaping products, along with nicotine-based vaping products like e-cigarettes and recreational cannabis vape products like THC cartridges, were all banned under emergency regulations Gov. Baker and the Department of Public Health filed in late September.

The blanket ban on vaping devices came as a response to the nationwide rash of vape-linked illnesses and deaths that hospitalized thousands with

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Rock icon Neil Young said on Friday that his bid to become a U.S. citizen is in jeopardy because he was honest with immigration authorities about his cannabis use. Young is a Canadian citizen but has lived in the United States for decades.

In a statement posted to his website on Friday, Young said that he had decided to become a U.S. citizen so that he could vote and reported initial success navigating the naturalization process.

“When I recently applied for American citizenship, I passed the test,” Young wrote. “It was a conversation where I was asked many questions. I answered them truthfully and passed.”

But recently, he heard again from immigration authorities and was “told that I must do another test, due to my use of marijuana and how some people who smoke it have exhibited a problem.”

Do Cannabis Users Lack Good Moral Character?

That problem, Young was told, stems from a clarification of policy made by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in April. In it, authorities wrote that applicants for citizenship “involved in certain marijuana related activities,” even if they are legal under state law, may lack good moral character, citing the continued prohibition of cannabis under

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A wellness-focused Coachill Inn Resort in Desert Hot Springs is slated to bow in December 2020, while The Grape House luxe smoking lounge-dispensary-boutique hotel in Palm Springs is set to open in 2021.
“Cannabis is the new gold rush!” veteran hotelier Roger Bloss, a partner in eight large 420-friendly developments in California and throughout the U.S, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

The cannabis industry has made headlines with many firsts in California, from Lowell Café (the original THC smokery and eatery in the U.S. that opened in West Hollywood on Oct. 1) to a hipster art gallery-dispensary-retail emporium in downtown Los Angeles from lifestyle cannabis brand Stiiizy, which debuted in August. For those who imbibe and don’t like to drive, the obvious next step is cannabis hotels.

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