4 comments on “Bismarck Marijuana Doctor Clinics

  1. ND is insane. Even with a qualifying condition, it is impossible to find a doctor who can qualify. My long time doctor says she agrees it could help, but the whole hospital has agreed they can’t certify (even tho their official stance is “it’s up to the physician”)

  2. I have spinal stenosis, 3 drs told me no unless I had cancer. Isn’t that against the law since it’s a qualifying condition ? I need a dr !!! Please help !

  3. Where are the resources?? If this is legal treatment why is it impossible to find a doctor that will prescribe? I have been searching for over a year and don’t want to waste a bunch of time and money jumping from dr to dr to try to find someone willing to help. I’m beyond frustrated and really disappointed in our community. Please have resources available!

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